Microfiber Mop Products – Broom Huggie for your Kitchen Broom – Sparkle Genie for Swiffer

Microfiber mop

Our Microfiber Mop & Duster Cleaning Products

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Microfiber mop

The Broom Huggie is a new Earth friendly product that turns your ordinary Kitchen broom into a super cleaning tool! It’s a special weaved Microfiber mop & dust sleeve that will amaze you!

Microfiber mop

Sparkle Genie Wraps are a quick way to make your Swiffer brand floor cleaning products Green by eliminating the expensive disposable pads you buy now. Grab more dirt with these high absorption mop pads then simply wash and reuse!

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Amazing Super Absorbing Sponge – For Auto, Kitchen , Electronics , Eye Glasses, Pianos , Etc.

What is Microfiber anyway and what makes it so great?