Mop Review – New Broom Huggie Mop Duster

Mop review

Mop Review of the New Broom Huggie Invented by Jessica Rowin and Made in the USA

Here is the Mop Review for the new Broom Huggie mopping dusting sleeve. This is not your ordinary mop. In fact it doesn’t look like any mop you’ve ever seen! Unlike a sponge mop or a string mop the Broom Huggie attaches to your existing kitchen broom. The microfiber sleeve goes over your kitchen broom turning your broom into a duster/mop. Microfiber is super absorbent so in the case of a liquid spill you can mop it up quickly. The Broom Huggie has a liner that keeps your Broom from getting wet so you don’t have to worry about a messy wet broom. One of the other stand out features is the type of microfiber that the Broom Huggie is made out of. It is very thick 365 GSM rated material meaning it lasts a long time. It’s also weaved in such a way that it’s tiny fibers work like hooks and pick up dirt with using any water or floor cleaner. Not all Microfiber has the same dirt grabbing power. So for situations where you just want to get dirt near a doorway the Broom Huggie really excels because not only does it pickup the small dirt, the sweeping action retained from the broom under the sleeve moves the larger dirt in a controlled manner so you can sweep those items into a dust pan. that makes cleaning much faster than sweeping with a broom first, then setting up a mop bucket and moping. What’s more, inventor Jessica Rowin has added an abrasive net mesh to one side of the Broom Huggie to allow scrubbing up of Mop Reviewstubborn things like smashed raisins, dried spaghetti sauce, etc. Even more of a surprise was the fact that this “mop” is so versatile that it can be used as an extended duster. That means with the long broom handle you can dust ledges, ceiling fans, window coverings, art, picture frames and more with ease. If you’ve even dusted on top of a ceiling fan you know that big clumps of dust usually fall down in you face and eyes. With the Broom Huggie the specially weaved Microfiber grabs that dust and holds it on the Broom Huggie cleaning surface making the job a lot more pleasant. Some of you reading this might use a Swiffer to make cleaning quicker but many people who do, realize that using any duster that requires expensive disposable cleaning pads not only costs a lot of money each year, it contributes to landfill waste. The value a Broom Huggie provides to your household for the cost is a great deal and sure to last and conserve throughout the year. That along with convenience and speed is what inspired inventor of the Broom Huggie, Jessica Rowin, to spend two years perfecting this product. She was a finalist in the Mastercard Small Business contest, next to Mark Cuban backed Illuminaid for creating a product that impacts society in a positive way. In this Mop Review we now reveal how people who have purchased the Broom Huggie have rated it.


Mop Reviews

“This is an AWESOME product. I have twin toddlers and three dogs, two of those dogs being Giants…. needless to say I am short on time but have a lot to clean up! so I slap one of these bad boys on my broom and literally run around the corners and walls of my kitchen- this picks up everything. then I spray some disinfectant on the floor and put a tad bit of water on the broom huggie and I’m able to mop afterwards. It’s TEN TIMES better than having to vacuum and then drag a mop out. I just love the saved time and also it’s one product I only have to use!” – Mop Review from Amazon


“The Broom Huggie is very well made and seems like it will last a long time. I like supporting products that are made in the USA. Every home needs one of these! ” – Mop Review from Amazon


“I received my Broom Huggie super quick! It is super easy to put on your broom and made cleaning my small kitchen floor so much easier and quicker! NO need to fill up a big bucket to mop the kitchen. All I had to do was spray my homemade natural vinegar cleaner on it and sweep/mop up! I also used it on my hardwood floors with some hardwood floor cleaner and it was also much quicker! I still swept the hardwood floors because my pets hair is out of control… hahahaa but it was nice to use the Broom Huggie to follow up with and clean the floor and catch the random flying hairs.
I bought 2, but might keep both for myself! hahaha! ” – Mop Review from Amazon

“This product is amazing! It is so easy to use and is more like a two in one! I can sweep and wipe the floor in one stroke! I just spray my enzyme/tea tree cleaner and then wipe it all up! It’s really great too if you dampen the huggie with a little cleaner and then use it along the floor boards. The key is that its so flexible, unlike a Swiffer. Also, the pad is lined with plastic ( its actually a lot more well made then I expected); so the broom doesn’t get wet when you use it. Being an extra heavy duty microfiber, the pad holds a lot of debris/ water, so one use can pick up a lot of dirt. That said, its a really great design and good quality. Thank you so much!” – Mop Review from Amazon


“This is an awesome product! I used it today and was very pleased! It’s easy to use, either dry or wet on the floors! Sweeps better than a broom and cleans better than a mop… it even has a scrubber side! I like that I could clean under the edge of the fridge, which a mop cannot do! Does well with corners and edges, too. When you are done, just take the Broom Huggie off and wash it out at the sink, or throw in the washing machine. Eco friendly. No more throwaways. I highly recommend the Broom Huggie! ” – Mop Review from Amazon

“Really great product. Easy on and off. I use this to get spiderwebs off of my ceiling and to clean spots off the floor. I like that you can just throw it into the washer to clean it, rather than throwing it away so that it ends up in the landfill. I bought a few so that when one is in the wash, I have another one to use.” – Mop Review from Amazon

“This is great. Works with your existing broom and allows you to clean wet or dry. When you are done, you just wash it and start all over again! No need to buy endless mop refills. A great idea for cleaning and a great idea for saving water and creating less waste. Thank you Broom Huggie!” – Mop Review from Amazon

“Love this! And especially love that it is made in the USA. It essentially turns your broom into a Swiffer or a mop in about 5 seconds. I’m a big fan of anything that helps me save closet space. Microfiber is sort of a magic kitchen material, and this is a very clever use of it.” – Mop Review from Amazon

Love this! Nice and thick fabric, actually holds the dirt instead of smearing it around like swiffer. Sooooo happy this was recommended to me!!! Highly recommended!” – Mop Review from Amazon

I received this as a gift and I love it! I plan on getting one for my sister-in-law. I like how it I can get into corners with it, and I can easily wash it when done. I was worried that it would get the broom wet, but it has a nice internal plastic liner that protects the broom. A+” – Mop Review from Amazon

Great product! Super easy to use & convenient! Thanks Broom Huggie!” – Mop Review from Amazon

Great time saver – We have small kids and anything helps to clean up quickly with minimal effort.” – Mop Review from Amazon

I love how easy this Broom Huggie is to use. Also I don’t have to have a million different mops hanging in my broom closet. Also no more buying swiffer refills or getting down on my knees and hands to clean my floors. This Broom Huggie does the job well!” – Mop Review from Amazon