How to use – Broom Huggie – Sparkle Genie Wraps – Instructions

Demonstration of attaching Broom Huggie to Kitchen Broom


The Broom Huggie is designed to fit most kitchen brooms. You can measure the width of your broom where the bristles attach. If the measurement is 11″ or less it should fit. Note: If the bristle width is wider where the bristles touch the floor the Broom Huggie should fit snug.



Sparkle Genie for Swiffer Sweeper / Vac / Trap


You can use both sides of the Sparkle Genie with these mop types. Some may find that the fuzzy side does not glide as easy as the non-fuzzy side. Simple wrap around the mop head and push material into the tension holes as show in the photo.

Step 1 - CStep 2-CStep 4-C







Sparkle Genie for Swiffer Wetjet


Attachment of the Sparkle Genie (Formerly Earthmop) to your Swiffer Wetjet relies upon the hook and loop fastner. Your Wetjet has the “Hook” on the mop surface and the Sparkle Genie “Fuzzy” side acts as the “Loop”.
Simply place the Sparkle Genie “Fuzzy” side up and place Wetjet onto the pad. Take your fingers and run them along the mop surface to help the Hooks catch the Loops if you find the Sparkle Genie loose. We’ve found that the use of the mop and pad on the floor is usually enough for the Sparkle Genie pad to stick well to the WetJet. Note that our care label is on the Fuzzy side, so remember Label side up.


C-pad and mop instructions