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Your Kitchen Mop Alternative – Broom Huggie is your Earth-Friendly Time Saver!

The microfiber kitchen mop combo that saves you time, space and reduces waste

Janitorial supplies news; The Broom Huggie offers a unique cleaning action that eliminates the need for a traditional kitchen mop and disposable floor dusters by using your existing kitchen broom. Using the natural spring action of your broom our mopping sleeve gets into corners and can sweep dirt all in one pass. The Broom Huggie does an excellent job cleaning floors and dusting in higher up hard to reach places, something a kitchen mop just can’t do! Easily attach to your kitchen broom and get those spills up fast. Use it dry for dust-mopping or spray with water or your favorite Eco-friendly cleaner for messy floors. After using just wash by hand or in a machine. The Broom Huggie is a great value.

These days more and more people are working together to lessen the impact on our planet’s resources. The Broom Huggie is a great first step towards reducing trash while cleaning at home by eliminating your wasteful duster kitchen mop. As you can see in the chart below, you will reduce landfill usage by 4,500 disposable Swiffer Sweeper Refill pads when you choose our REUSABLE Broom Huggie for your Kitchen Broom. We hope you’ll join our movement to make cleaning at home green. By doing so not only will you be helping the environment but you will be saving a lot of money you can spend on other things! Great for cleaning kitchen floors with your existing kitchen broom! The Broom Huggie is assembled in California to support local family’s by creating jobs and bringing more prosperity.

  1. NEW! Sweeps and Mops Floors at the same time!
  2. Scrubbing edge to loosen tough dirty spots and dried food
  3. Makes Cleaning Baseboards Easier
  4. Cleans cobwebs from high corners
  5. Removes and holds dust from ceiling fans and window blinds
  6. High absorption for cleaning up spills
  7. Reusable Eco Friendly Alternative to disposable mops
  8. Incredible Time & Space Saver
  9. Longer Lasting – High Performance Premium Microfiber over 365 GSM Grade A
  10. Cleans Dry or Wet
  11. Washable by hand or machine
  12. Assembled in the U.S.A.
  13. 100% Money back guarantee
  14. Patent Pending

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