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Broom Huggie History

Our Story

Sparkle Genie Products is an Eco-Friendly cleaning company with products designed and made in California. As a mother of three children keeping my house clean is a challenge! I always felt bad about throwing away so many disposable Swifter refill sheets. So it hit me one day to wrap a towel around a broom to spot mop. Turns out that putting cloth on a broom cleans in a very different way from a regular mop! I could sweep and mop at the same time; it worked better than a  broom or a mop by themselves. Using the towel on the broom was much easier than dragging out the big string mop and sweeping with the towel attached picked up more dirt. Eventually, I got rid of my big mop and freed up some space in my crowded storage closet. I realized there was room for improvement over just a towel on my broom and went to work.  After a year of designing various prototypes, testing many materials, the result was a double sided mop pad that attaches to most kitchen brooms I call the Broom Huggie. Turns out my little invention is really useful, saves space, reduces water usage, eliminates tossing swifter sheets and saves time! I have developed the concept into a product that I think everyone who cleans will absolutely love!
Full Circle
During the process of designing the Broom Huggie and in need of funds to continue the project, we decided to make a bold move. We used the knowledge we had gained to offer a replace and save product for one of the most popular dust mops, The Swiffer. By making a direct reusable replacement, people who already owned a dust mop could make a change to save the environment and money. Since those first days we continue to expand our earth friendly offerings with the mission that our company can make a difference for the environment.
In 2016 we moved our Earthmop brand to a new name, Sparkle Genie Products. This new identity gives us the ability to bring in a wider range of products beyond mops and continue to expand our mission of conservation while cleaning at home!

Swiffer Earthmop Refills Made in USA

Our Production and Prototype Shop in San Diego, California. All products are made here with as many domestic components as possible!

Broom Accessory

Owner, Jessica Rowin displays Broom Huggie Prototype at product launch party – March 2015









Broom Huggie History

Original hand sewn prototype next to first production Broom Huggie.

Launch Party for The Broom Huggie!


Celebrating a year worth of research and design in one night

Thank you to everyone who came out to the party! It was a smashing success!

March 19th 2015:

Jessica Rowin with Broom Huggie Raffle winner Sgt. Quentin Hamilton of San Diego. Be sure to check out Quetin’s handmade wood flags!


Jessica Rowin with Broom Huggie Raffle winner Sgt. Quentin Hamilton of San Diego.











APB Co. is located in San Diego California. We are developing a complete line of cleaning products.

Jessica Broom HuggieJessica Rowin – President

I am a San Diego native, married mother of three children.  Professionally, I have been a surgical technician for the past 15 years  and have been delivering babies most of my career. I have also owned and managed real estate and owned and operated two salons before my kids  were born. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have always worked hard to  make my ideas become a reality. I wish I could say I have more “free  time” for hobbies, I do make time for yoga and exercise. I enjoy cooking which is a great hobby to have with three hungry growing kids!